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Don’t Miss the Striking Attractions & Hotels of Cleveland

November 17th, 2022

Cleveland is one of the most happening and the fascinating cities of United States and serves as a county seat of Cuyahoga County. It is one of the most populous cities of Ohio State. This marvelous city is situated on the banks of the Lake Erie and a range of exciting and marvelous activities are concentrated around it.

Cleveland was formed on 1796; it was named after General Moses Cleveland, who was the leader of the Connecticut Land Company. The history says that Lorenzo Carter was the first man who settled around the banks of Cuyahoga River by building a cabin. The growth of the city was very slow up to the year 1832 but after the completion of canal between Ohio and Erie, it grew rapidly. This was an important move as it connected the city directly with Atlantic Ocean through Erie Canal and later on through the St. Lawrence Seaway. It became an incorporated city of the state in the year 1836. This was a significant industrial town of United States and played an important role in the production industries of iron and coal making it one of the most vital ship and steel manufacturing centers. With the advent of these industries, the city became one of the wealthiest cities and sports the image of the ‘Steel Town’ and a bustling place.

Cleveland is the city packed with a range of attractions which will certainly make your trip to the city worthy. The city offers a varied range of attractions such as the Metroparks Zoo, Great Lakes Science Center and many more. Metroparks Zoo offers an opportunity to view and take glimpse of one of the largest collection of primate species, a fascinating aquarium and a rainforest. This zoo offers several opportunities for every age group. For the age group of kid 5 to 12, it offers few days’ camp which will let them learn and know more about the animals, birds, crafts and many more. Teenagers can find one of the most unique learning experiences by going for the program known as the ‘Zoo Crew’ which allows them to take part in conservation project and to interpret. It also has a very exciting and fascinating program known as ‘The Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo’ which is an overnight adventure.

Excellent Family Hotels in Fairfield, Connecticut

April 21st, 2022

Whether you are taking your family for an outing or are looking for a quick meal in Connecticut, Fairfield has a variety of restaurants which ideal to suit what you may be looking for. Fraiche, located on 75 hillside road was started by the famous chef Marc Lippman who also owns the Greenfield hill restaurant, opened in 2007, to an avalanche of reviews on the New York Times. fraiche’s cooking can be said to be contemporary American utilizing various fruits and greens to yield a simple but stylish dinning experience. Featuring “family Thursdays” where one can enjoy whatsoever dish for a fixed menu price of $38.00, fraiche a rare family friendly restaurant that you would want to experience not only with your family but friends also.

In 2008, one of the top 1000 Italian restaurants was Ponte Vecchio on 1275 post road. Contrary to other chain hotels offering Italian food, this hotel prepares beef, fish and pasta on traditional specifications. For a reasonable meal price of $ 34.00, diners will feel at home here.

A few blocks from Ponte Vecchio is Wilson’s BBQ on 1851 post road offering some good traditional southern barbecue. Every item on the menu, from Texas style brisket to st. louis ribs, is boldly southern. This is the sole establishment of its kind in town where meat is prepared in a slow cooked pit to yield its mouth watering taste and aroma. For those whose love for barbecue is only equal to their love for their favorite game, this is the ideal place to be.

Sarabande on 12 Unquowa place is a multi purpose hotel with a menu that offers whatever dish you may be looking for. Famed for its seafood menu or great steak, this is the best place be it for a special occasion, family meal or a romantic dinner for a couple. With the mid day meal ranging from $5-$16, and supper from $12-$33, Sarabande is a good bargain. The restaurant also has vegetarian delicacies, take away menu and an outside terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine as you enjoy your meal.

Since it opened under new management, Sweet Basil Asian cuisine on 284 Black Rock Tpk is much more cheaper and family friendly. Contrary to many Asian restaurants, this hotel goes beyond Chinese and Japanese cuisine to offer old fashioned meals from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. The interior decoration is modern and elegant. Their friendly staff and cheap prices make the hotel stand over their competitors.

For a visitor or a resident, Fairfield has what it takes to give that unique and memorable experience that one will always yearn to experience it over and over again.